Does it bother you that your pieces are greasy and sharp-edged after production?

Would you like your products to literally shine?

Deburring (trowalization) is a process in which metal products are processed in special vibrating drums with abrasive bodies, water and detergent. By selecting the shape, size and composition of the ceramic prisms and the processing time, we can achieve different effects from basic deburring to final polishing.

After processing, the pieces are degreased, pleasant to the touch, without sharp edges, corrosion-protected and suitable for further surface treatment – or they can be left as they are if this is the final product.

This method of deburring is mainly used for smaller products (up to 150 mm) after machine processing, punching, laser cutting …

We can process all types of material: steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium …

We offer a fast and affordable solution for deburring your products.

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